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Homersham Supported Living celebrate 3 years of being open

Homersham Supported Living service in Canterbury, enjoyed a tea party last week to celebrate being open for 3 years. Helen Jessup, Registered Manager said ‘the 7th July, was the anniversary of our first resident moving into Homersham, so we all decided to celebrate with a tea party. All staff and residents had so much fun, we even had a bake off!!

Two of our residents judged the bake off and the winners were one of Homersham’s residents Carlton for his chocolate chip cookies and another resident for her scones. It was a really great thing to do on a wet and windy Tuesday.

Our extended thanks to Justin Isherwood - Occupational Therapist at KAT, who helped with ideas and sending lots of bits we needed for the party’. Justin said, ‘I must also give credit to Jan New, the PBS team Speech & Language Therapist, as we worked together on this and she too came up some great ideas’.

Looks like a brilliant Tea Party Homersham!!

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