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Wood & Bates are supporting The Kent Autistic Trust....

Wood & Bates are supporting The Kent Autistic Trust. A luxury wax melt company, founded over a bond of friendship, motherhood, and the love of hands-on creativity and craft.

Louise and Kristyan started the business in 2021 after their relationship grew from a shared experience of raising children who face the challenges of autism and severe anxiety.

Experiencing the world through a wider spectrum of difficulty, beauty, and being continually reminded of the power of sense, they decided to create their wax melt range. A scent has the power to bring us back to a cherished memory or moment in time, it can console us, excite us, allow us to live and be in the present, something that is ever increasingly difficult to acquire in the hustle and bustle of modern life.

They will be donating 10% of monthly sales to KAT Family Support, if you would like to view their products, please visit

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