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2020 KAT Heros

Recognising that our staff are the most vital element in making our support service to each individual successful, we take the time to acknowledge our heroes – but of course everyone of our staff is a hero to us!! 


Every fortnight, our staff nominate a colleague, who they feel is deserving of a special mention for going the ‘extra mile’.  KAT Heroes really help to motivate and inspire each other by bringing a little joy or reminding us that we really

are a family here at the Trust.

Thank you for the big difference you all make every single day!

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Jodie Ray and Tamsin
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Emma Laker - Assistant Manager - River Drive Residential Home, Strood

A big thank you to all of our staff, but a thank you to Emma for going the extra mile says Nikki Boswell, our River Drive Registered Home Manager. Nikki said ‘Emma Laker, Assistant Manager, normally based at Newton Day Service but currently supporting the Residential Home in Strood has gone that extra mile for those we support. Nothing has been too much trouble and she has gone over and above the call of duty, thank you Emma!!’



Staff Team - Brompton House Supported Living, Gillingham

Our staff team at Brompton House, Gillingham (prior to social distancing being introduced) admired for their courage, outstanding hard work, support and noble qualities.


Staff Teams - Beaver Lane Residential Home & Ashford Resource Centre

Our Beaver Lane and ARC staff in Ashford, prior to social distancing being introduced!! Admired for their courage, outstanding hard work, support and noble qualities.

Along with all of our care staff, these fabulous people, are working hard to ensure the people we support are kept busy and engaged while they are staying safe.  Keeping spirts up and supporting each other. Team work. Great job guys .


Brittany and Hannen - Specialist Support Workers - Ashford Resource Centre

Despite all the challenges and obstacles we continue to face due to the COVID19 epidemic and the restrictions, our Ashford day service team deployed to support our residents at Jemmett Road in Ashford continue to deliver a fantastic person centered service while keeping everyone safe. Brittany and Hanen have recently joined the Ashford Resource Centre team (February-March 2020), however with their commitment, caring qualities and the support of their colleagues, they are delivering a great service and the people we support seem to really enjoy their company.


Aissame El Bakkali, Manager of our Ashford Day Service said ‘As a Manager I feel proud and humbled by the OUTSDANDING work delivered by the Ashford Resource Centre Team, well done to you all and thank you for your continued hard work and support"


Hannah Langley & Lucy Morely - Specialist Support Workers - Newton Close Day Centre, Chatham

Hannah and Lucy, have both remained at Newton Close Day Centre and were both recognised by staff for going that extra mile. They were nominated for supporting one of our young ladies, who can be very challenging at times, they must be exhausted, but continue to rise to the challenge and deserve to be recognised for their efforts and going that extra mile.



Liz Thomas - Specialist Support Worker - Perry's Close Residential Home, Faversham

Liz was nominated because she has been supporting one particular individual incredibly well during a very difficult time. Liz has communicated the needs and wishes of the individual very well, which has led to some very positive outcomes that have been celebrated with the individual and their support team.


Sally-Ann Drew - Specialist Support Worker - Brompton House Supported Living, Gillingham

Sally-Ann was nominated because she has been very supportive of one individual and checking up on them regularly, whilst they have been in isolation to make sure they are ok. She is also always there for all staff and is very supportive of everyone.


Well done Sally-Ann for going that 'extra mile'.


Emilymay Miles - Autism Information Advisor (Adults) 

Emilymay was nominated for working over and above the call of duty to help support families, individuals, parents and carers. She is working to her fullest capacity, yet continues to do everything she can to support autistic adults. She is an inspiration, and all her work is always carried out even on the hardest, longest days with a laugh and smile.

Amanda Penfold - Assistant Manager - Beaver Lane Residential Home, Ashford

Amanda was nominated for organising the Beaver Lane Easter egg hunt in the garden and including more eggs in the evening so that the night staff were included too.

Well done Amanda for going that 'extra mile'.




Helen Jessup - Independent Living Manager - Homersham Supported Living, Canterbury

Helen was nominated for leading her excellent team incredibly well to keep the positivity, enthusiasm and mood high. Also for the different ways in which she and the team have kept the contact going with individual's families.


Natalie Atkins - Day Service Manager - 21 High Street Day Centre, Gillingham

Natalie was nominated by parents for the hard work of her and the team at 21. For not only the outstanding support they have given to all those who are attending day service, but also in particular the support they have given to one of the adults we support and their family recently. They always go over and above the call of duty and the parents are extremely grateful.

Mikaylla Sykes - Specialist Support Worker - Newton Close Day Centre, Chatham

Mikaylla, who is usually based at our Newton Close Day Centre in Lordswood, has been helping care for those we support at our River Drive Residential Home in Strood. She was nominated for going above and beyond to support the residential service at River Drive, supporting the staff team, the house needs, the Manager and of course the individuals, while contending with the struggles and emotional pressures of the current climate.



Lisa Lehany - Specialist Support Worker - Curlew Crescent Residential Home, Strood

Lisa is a Specialist Support Worker at our Curlew Crescent Residential Home in Strood, she was nominated because sometimes she goes missing amongst the rest, but Lisa deserves to stand out. She provides amazing support for Curlew and the people we support. Thanks for your dedication and continued hard work.

Luke Dawkins - Acting Shift Leader - Jemmett Road Residential Home, Ashford

Luke, our Acting Shift Leader at our Jemmett Road residential home in Ashford, was nominated because he had a very tough weekend and staff wanted him to know he is very well thought of, and is a very kind and hard worker, keep up the amazing work Luke. Well done from everyone at KAT and Jemmett Road.



Lynsey Drew - Specialist Support Worker - 21 High Street Day Centre, Gillingham

Nominated for being an ever present and consistent source of stability for an individual at 21 High Street, since being with the Trust. The relationship, care, support and empathy shown towards this person, has helped the individual cope through some incredibly difficult times, especially recently towards the end of their placement. Our thanks Lynsey, for all you have done for this individual, especially in their time of need. Thank you from us all!!

Lisa Jones - Assistant Manager - Butlers Park Way Supported Living, Strood

Nominated because she has gone above and beyond the call of duty in her deputy role, to support the staff, people we support and families.

Lisa has remained consistent in her support and dedication to the Trust and without her many of her colleagues work at BPW would be impossible to achieve in these difficult times. Massive thank you from us all, well done!!


Keiron Nuttall - Specialist Support Worker - Homersham Supported Living, Canterbury

Nominated because he is always cheerful and keeps everyone in good spirits. He puts in a lot of effort at Homersham and is their unofficial handyman!! Keep up the good work.


Lauren Rule, Wendy Braybrooke & Lynne Dence - Perrys Close, Faversham and ARC, Ashford

Lauren, Wendy and Lynne have been nominated as KAT Heros, by the whole of our Homersham Supported Living team in Canterbury.

The team at Homersham, felt it was important to recognise these members of staff, as they feel all three of these wonderful ladies, have been outstanding in their dedication, commitment and resilience whilst supporting a young man during his recent unplanned stay in our respite service.

All the staff at Homersham were in awe to see their commitment, dedication and care for the person they were supporting and feel that given the current situation they deserve an extra special thank you this week.

Caroline Dewar - Specialist Support Worker - Beaver Lane Residential Home, Ashford

Recognised as one of our KAT Hero's for being a fantastic team member and helping the Assistant Manager, Amanda Penforld to spread some colour and joy to the garden area at Beaver Lane by designing a large image, which they are both painting onto the the fence.

Caroline's support is endless and she even ensures that we can all have some colour and joy during lockdown. She is such an inspiration.

Joan Hagan - Head of Care

Joan is our Head of Care at The Kent Autistic Trust and was nominated because, she is an inspiration. Always working 150% to ensure those we support are safe, happy and well, working hard to ensure Managers and staff have what they need to ensure their comfort and safety. No matter what arises, Joan is always upbeat, passionate and dedicated to her role as Head of Care. We are all proud to work with her.

Adebola Lawal - Shift Leader - Jemmett Road Residential Home, Ashford

Adebola is a shift leader at our Jemmett Road residential home in Ashford and has been nominated for her exceptional determination, continued support and incredible optimism during this difficult time. She keeps things so grounded and makes everyone forget that there’s anything bad happening out there at all!! She has made such an amazing impact on Jemmett Road and staff couldn’t be without her. She truly is an asset, not just to Jemmett Road, but to The Kent Autistic Trust.


Debbie Taylor - Assistant Manager - Wayfield Road Supported Living, Chatham

Debbie is another of our KAT Hero’s this week. She was nominated for her continued support to everyone we support at Wayfield, families and staff throughout this pandemic. Debbie has been professional and proactive, with some excellent and innovated results.

Krista Page - Assistant Manager - Ashford Resource Centre, Ashford

Krista Page is the Assistant Manager at ARC Day Centre in Ashford, she has been nominated as KAT Hero for the hard work she continuously provides, for ‘going the extra mile’ and preparing daily food and drinks for everyone we support and all staff. Krista is also always happy, enthusiastic and a real motivation to all, which is what everyone needs a little of in these difficult times.

Donna Newell - Head of HR

Donna has worked tirelessly giving 110% responding to the many new challenges Covid-19 is bringing us.

Despite suffering from C19 symptoms, Donna continued to work hard in between the coughing fits and high temperature and made a huge difference to our ability to work remotely and pull our KAT family together.


Weronika Idzikowska - Acting Assistant Manager - Perry's Close Residential Home, Faversham

Well done Weronika for always being helpful, always responding quickly and always being happy to help in anyway you can. Your dedicated work is very much appreciated.

Justin Isherwood - Occupational Therapist - Positive Behaviour Support Team

Nominated because he is just an amazing Occupational Therapist!! Justin always thinks outside of the box and creates fun and exciting activities for all of the people we support he also has a constantly available listening ear. Thank you from us all Justin, it's a pleasure and a privilege to work with you.



Nicola Paisley & Kirsty Hartnup - Specialist Support Workers - Curlew Crescent Residential Home, Strood

Nicola Paisley and Kirsty Hartnup, our thanks for your amazing work.  They have both shown such dedication to their jobs. Even in the most stressful of times everyone is smiling and happy when on shift and this is down to the amazing staff team including Nicola and Kirsty. Thank you for your continued hard work and for keeping your team happy and cheerful in this difficult time.




Michelle Burns, Cara Macaulay and Kelleigh Taylor - BPW

Well done Michelle Burns, Cara Macaulay and Kelleigh Taylor, Team Leader and Specialist Support Workers at Butlers Park Way Supported Living in Strood, you are KAT Heros.

These 3 members of staff all went above and beyond the call of duty, in their efforts to help those we support in organising a fantastic VE day tea party. A lot of planning and organising went into this event, including food, decorations and organising the technical logistics. They have been very proactive throughout these challenging times, and we would like everyone to recognise them for their hard work.


Tamsin Gregory Conquest - Positive Behaviour Support Manager

All we can say is that she is an absolutely amazing Manager, who is approachable and supportive to everyone, always a brilliant listening ear, even when things get tough. Her smile and positive outlook is so encouraging to us all. 



Our Engineers at Impreza IT, Rochester

They have all been really quick to respond, helpful and a supportive voice on the end of the phone line, with any issues or enquiries, as we navigate new software and working remotely. This has made life a lot less stressful for all of us. 

Sarah Haines - Specialist Support Worker - River Drive Residential Homes, Strood

Nominated as a hero, because although she has only recently joined the team at River Drive, she has been praised by her colleagues for just "getting on with it".

She instinctively knows what she has to do, works really well with the people we support and has built good, trusting relationships. Sarah has also picked up lots of extra shifts across both teams and has had the same positive feedback from both.

Our thanks for your hard work Sarah!!


Hannen Abbessi - Support Worker - Ashford Resource Centre

Hannah is the newest member of the team, she was nominated as a KAT Hero last week, because she is a fast learner and such a positive, lovely, happy and smiley person.

Hannen puts so much effort in with the people we support and comes up with amazing ideas to get them involved. We all really enjoy her company, she is a pleasure to work with!!



Vikki Roger - Specialist Support worker - Curlew Crescent Residential Home, Strood

Vikki has been leading the day service for all at Curlew Crescent, She along with her peers has been working overtime putting in 110% effort. Nothing is ever too much for her she has gone above and beyond in every situation. Staff at Curlew, said ‘we wouldn’t want to be here without her consistency, empathy and fantastic support. Her teamwork has been outstanding’.



Anna Baker - Recruitment Co-ordinator

Anna has been nominated as a KAT Hero for taking on additional responsibilities and a new working process, to enable her to support Managers. She is now not only, shortlisting and interviewing for support staff, but she is also presenting candidates to Managers for final interview. The new process is working well. Today's recruitment market requires an agile approach, where speed is of the essence, ensuring that we can quickly turn applications around. 

Sarah Davies - Specialist Support worker - Wayfield Supported Living, Chatham

Sarah was nominated because she has ensured that all of the people we support at Wayfield, have had provisions delivered at all times, by continuously updating shopping orders, even on her days off!!



Marie Mann - Registered Home Manager - Jemmett Road, Ashford

Nominated for being such a good support network for all staff and residents at Jemmett Road, as well as to all of our day service staff. Marie always listens to ideas and helps to promote and put these into action, she is a friendly, down to earth and a genuinely nice person, she has a positive attitude to any situation, and is always smiling and laughing at something!!



Sally-Ann Drew - Assistant Manager - Brompton House Supported Living service, Gillingham

Sally-Ann went the extra mile at the weekend for another service and for an individual she did not know. This shows her dedication and compassion to KAT and the people we support.

Thank you for your outstanding support Sally-Anne!!



Kerrianne Cooper - Team Leader - Butlers Park Way Supported Living, Strood

Kerrianne was nominated as a hero as she has been very consistent in her new role as Team Leader, rising to each challenge with a positive attitude and a smile. She has gone over and above the call of duty, to support our residents and the staff in this very difficult time.

She has been supporting the team in completing shopping lists and orders, listening to the choices and ideas of the people we support. Kerrianne continues to be very efficient in her role, nothing is too much trouble. She always responds quickly and supports the team to deliver a fantastic proactive service to all.

Adam Taylor - Regional Manager - Canterbury, Ashford and Swale

Well done to Adam Taylor, nominated for dropping everything at short notice, to help one of his colleagues with an urgent task, it was very much appreciated as she would not have been able to do it without you. Thank you for everything you are doing, people often mention they appreciate all of the PPE drops and doorstep visits that you do too. You have been so responsive to any issues or needs that arise, so that they doesn't escalate and have been an all-round great support to your team, we all think you are wonderful.


Kayleigh Hartnup - Specialist Support Worker - River Drive Residential Home, Strood

Nominated as a KAT Hero for being always being happy, enthusiastic and going the extra mile to support our service users. Kayleigh is always finding new fun activities or arts and crafts for the people we support to do, keeping everyone motivated.

Thank you and well done Kayleigh!


Anna Morgan - Team Leader - Brompton House Supported Living, Gillingham

Anna has been an absolute star around all of the IT changes that have taken place, supporting staff with this and safe testing the new IT setups.

Anna said ‘Thank you for nominating me, this made me smile and I am so proud to work for the Trust’


Nikki Paisley - Specialist Support Worker - Curlew Crescent Residential Home, Strood

Well done Nikki, your bright bubbly personality helps carry all those who are feeling the tough times, due to this pandemic, in these crazy times. You are a breath of fresh.

Thank you for everything you do Nikki!!


Dean Malpas - Specialist Support Worker - Wayfield Road Supported Living, Chatham

Dean has been working at Wayfield, since the COVID-19 crisis began. He has been placed in a completely new setting and has become one of the Wayfield family team. He is always there to support residents and staff with a big smile. Thank you for all your hard work Dean

Dean said ‘I very much appreciate the recognition, all of the team as I'm sure at other services have been working very hard especially at these difficult times, I've not been able to work at my day service, but Wayfield have been very welcoming and accommodating to my needs. It is a very well run service and great asset to the Trust and the individuals living there are great guys’.

Well done Dean.


Lily O’Brien - Specialist Support Worker - River Drive Residential Home, Strood

Lily has been recognised and nominated as a KAT Hero, for supporting new staff, being a positive role model and showing them how we work within The Kent Autistic Trust.

Lily also ensures that everything runs smoothly in The Flat at River Drive, ensuring that all jobs are completed to a high standard and with so much care.  Thank you Lily!!



Lynne Dence - Specialist Support Worker - Perry’s Close Residential Home, Faversham 

Lynne has shown unbelievable care in supporting a particular individual, who is a resident there, keeping them engaged and motivated. Superb person-centred care. Well done and thank you Lynne.


Marie Mann - Registered Manager - Jemmett Road Residential Home, Ashford

Marie was nominated as a KAT Hero, because at a time where there is a higher likelihood of restrictions being used, Marie has been working hard, to try and look at ways Jemmett Road can try to reduce current restrictions in place at the service, but still ensuring we keep those we support happy, safe and well, which can only further increase quality of life for each individual.

Well done Marie, for going that ‘extra mile’.


Marion Jones - Specialist Support Worker - Butlers Park Way Supported Living, Strood

Marion always goes over and above to support the service, stepping in to assist with cover as and when required, to ensure a safe service at all times. She remotely supports the residents at BPW, who are spending times at different locations and supporting them and their families, by regularly checking in with them. Marion is always hardworking and will always do everything she can, to help and support the staff team and residents. This is very much appreciated by all.


Lavina Cowland - Office Manager - KAT’s Head Office

Lavina has done an amazing job in ordering both PPE for all of our services, getting us the best deals and keeping up with the numerous demands from our care team. Ensuring all requested items have been ordered and delivered to specific locations, as well as anything else everyone asks her to help with.

On top of all this, much like us all, she has been having to get used to numerous changes in systems and processes and is often the go to person for any questions Managers and staff may have around how to do things. She has worked over and above her role, to make sure the PPE we are getting is fit for purpose and the best deal we can get.

Lisa Outteridge - Specialist Support worker - Ashford Resource Centre and Jemmett Road 

Lisa has been nominated as a KAT Hero because, she is a fantastic person, creative, a very caring individual and always delivers the best service possible to the people we support!!

KAT are truly grateful to have you as part of our team Lisa!!




Nikki Boswell - Residential Home Manager - River Drive, Strood 

There has not been a day that Nikki has not gone above and beyond for all of the staff and the people we support at River Drive.

Her dedication and hard work does not go un-noticed. She is always there for everyone, for whatever they need, whether it is just time, a listening ear, or a specific need. Nikki is a very valued and a key employee to the Trust.


Aissame El Bakkali - Manager - Ashford Resource Centre

Very well-deserved recognition, Aissame was nominated for providing a great link up support, to our residential and day service Managers along with the people we support.

Aissame is always so positive, upbeat, happy and helpful. He regularly goes that extra mile to help everyone, this in turn means the people we support get a very high level of care, we are so happy to have him as part of our Ashford Swale Management team.  Thank you Aissame, for making such a difference, from us all at The Kent Autistic Trust!!


Adam Taylor - Regional Manager - Ashford and Swale

We thank you for your wonderful personality Adam, the best sense of humour, combined with great expertise and fantastic leadership skills!!

This is why we all love working with you and are so pleased you are part of the KAT team.



Janita Cushman - Shift Leader - River Drive, Strood

Recognised by her KAT colleagues for going the ‘extra mile’. For supporting all the staff at River Drive, picking up extra shifts to cover, as well as thinking up new creative and exciting activities for the people we support. Your hard work is very much appreciated Janita, thank you!!



Our Team - Wayfield Road Supported Living, Chatham

We would like to congratulate them for their hard work and enthusiasm creating a pirate themed fun day for the people we support at Wayfield Road. They all worked together as a support team and managed to create some great activities, engaging all staff and residents for the entire day.

The creativity and ideas were fantastic and they all deserve a big congratulations!! Well done on your nomination Wayfield.



Vanessa Evans - Registered Manager - Brompton House Supported Living, Gillingham

We would like to congratulate Vanessa, because she applied to CQC to be a Registered Manager and was then required to have a Fit Persons interview, where they asked Vanessa lots of questions around the KLOES, recruitment and our processes, how we evidence what we do and the support around the staff team.

Vanessa was successful, a massive Well Done to you Vanessa


Hannah Leverett - Specialist Support Worker - 21 High Street Day Centre, Gillingham

Has been nominated a KAT Hero for recently supporting one of our day service users to return back to 21 High Street. This was an individual with very challenging needs and so the return was particularly difficult for them. Hannah spent time a lot of time creating social stories and ways to help support this person in returning. This was very successful, and the social stories were effective.

Well done Hannah for this fantastic support that transitioned the service user back into 21, helping to keep low levels of anxiety and encourage them in a gentle effective way. Well done for such care, kindness and dedication.

Colin Fielon - An electrician used by KAT services in Medway

At our Newton Close Day Centre in Chatham last week, the front door succumbed to the heat and managed to not only get stuck together, but also lock itself!!

After a manic call from staff, Colin was quick to get to them and although it was not an electrical issue, he managed to get to Newton and save the day!!

Thank you Colin from us all


Gordon Holland - Registered Manager - Perry’s Close Residential Home, Faversham

Nominated as a KAT Hero, because whilst staff were in isolation with one of the residents at Perry’s Close, Gordon could not be faulted in anything, he was so helpful, gave advice and support when asked. He made the whole situation so much easier for all staff to deal with, knowing he was there if they needed him!! It was a very stressful time and his support was invaluable.

Kim Winfield - Finance Manager and her Team

A big thank you to our Finance Manager, Kim Winfield and her team; Diane, Laura, Sue, Jane and Joanna, nominated as KAT Hero’s.

Kim and her team have worked tirelessly, on ensuring that services have allocated funds, staff are being paid, invoices are being sent, bills are being paid, and in addition, ensuring that, all budget reports have been sent off and all new packages for support are costed correctly. All of this whilst working remotely all over Kent and Medway. Thanks Kim and the finance team for everything you do!!


Paulette Foord - Specialist Support Worker - Ashford Resource Centre

65. Well done to Paulette Foord for being a great asset to the ARC team. Paulette is a very caring person who will do whatever it takes to ensure the people we support receive a great service and always ensures that her colleagues are supported at all times!!


Jodie Ray and Tamsin Gregory-Conquest - Positive Behaviour Support Team

Jodie is our assistant within the PBS team and Tamsin is our PBS Team Manager.

Both Jodie and Tamsin have done a great job at pulling together some really useful videos to show the people we support, what different shops and establishments have in place to aid with social distancing, to help prepare them for the changes they will see.

Whilst videoing, Jodie had to sidestep trolley drivers veering towards her, finding herself in the shelving!! and Tamsin has managed to teach herself how to edit videos, which she did an amazing job working on.



Louise Looker - Support Worker - Ashford Resource Centre and Jemmett Road Residential Home 

Nominated by colleagues for her outstanding work, because the team had a particularly, tough and stressful day a few weeks ago, but working with Louise made it go smoothly and quickly. She is always there to help at all times, making sure that her colleagues and the people we support are happy. Her team say she is a real pleasure to work with. She is amazing with everyone, not just staff, but residents too, always keeping them happy and focused with activities while supporting them.

Keep shining Louise and thank you for the support of your team and hard work.


Kieron Nuttall - Specialist Support Worker - Homersham Supported Living, Canterbury

Kieron, has been nominated as a KAT Hero for a 2nd time, because he is so welcoming to everyone, very helpful to the whole team at Homersham, always supportive whenever needed to staff and the people we support, a great team player and very polite.

Kieron, we wanted to recognise your hard work and say thank you!!


Lucy Morely, Hannah Langley and Rebecca Glidewell - Specialist Support Workers

We would like to recognise the hard work of Specialist Support Workers, Lucy Morely, Hannah Langley and Rebecca Glidewell at our Newton Close day centre in Chatham. For supporting a new individual so well in settling into the service and getting to know all the complexities and quirks of each other (both for the individual and members of staff!!). It is never easy, but in a pandemic with social distancing, extra face mask rules and limited community activities to contend with, it is even harder.

Well done Lucy, Hannah and Rebecca it looks like you are doing an amazing job with confidence, skill and intuition!!


Janet Davenport - Training Manager

We would like to recognise the hard work of our Training Manager, Janet Davenport, who has been nominated as a KAT Hero. Janet managed not only to arrange, facilitate and supervise the running of our first ever virtual induction for new staff, she also managed to get all the trainers to update slides, and deliver the sessions using computers... which given the technophobes amongst us was no easy task. The induction ran very smoothly, and Janet ensured that all staff had access to a laptop so they could log in for the virtual sessions over a period of 7 days.

Thank you Janet, that’s one more thing we can tick off our list of things that COVID-19 disrupted and we have found a way around!!


Kayleigh Hartnup- Specialist Support Worker - River Drive residential home, Strood

Kayleigh has been nominated, because she changed her shift pattern several times to support the people who reside at River Drive. She is always happy to help where she can, and always comes into work with a smile. She is an asset to the team at River Drive.

Sophie Morcom - Specialist Support Worker - Homersham Supported Living, Canterbury

Sophie has been nominated as a KAT Hero, nominated because, she has always put the people we support first in everything she does, doing such amazing things, making their days so much brighter during these current difficult times. Through all of the work she has done with one particular resident at Homersham, his life has improved so much thanks to her and she deserves some recognition.  Thank you Sophie and well done!!

Emma Laker - Assistant Manager - Newton Close Day Centre, Chatham

Emma has been nominated as a KAT Hero, after currently working at our River Drive residential home in Strood and supporting people with their day service from the house.

She has also covered lots and lots of shifts to ensure that the people we support get over and above what they need, each and every day. She has arranged for day trips out, meals out and birthday surprises for people who are not seeing their families as they usually would this year.

Emma has made each day special for each individual and for that we want to say thank you!!


Amanda Penfold - Assistant Manager - Beaver Lane Residential Home, Ashford

Amanda is another KAT Hero, nominated for consistently going over and above the call of duty in her role, to ensure that all of the people we support at Beaver Lane are experiencing a high quality of life and experiences. Amanda also makes sure any concerns or anxieties our residents may have are addressed promptly, and she is a fantastic mentor for the staff employed and new staff joining the team.

Amanda is seen as the "go to" person for any staff worries, concerns or training needs. Even though she always gives 110% and worries that she should or could be doing more. Her dedication and commitment haven’t gone unnoticed by her peers, and everyone at KAT.

Thank you once again Amanda, for continuing to make Beaver Lane a fantastic place for both the people we support to live and the staff team to work in.

Anna Baker - Recruitment Co-ordinator

We would like to recognise and share the amazing work of our Recruitment Co-ordinator, Anna Baker. Anna has been nominated a KAT Hero, by colleagues, because she is always there to help, whether it be a friendly chat or talking over any issues. She is always professional, approachable, and caring!!

Anna has been completing interviews for Managers and going over and above the call of duty to help everyone at KAT, in any way that she can. She always makes herself available to help if anyone has problems whilst doing things online and will more than happily drop everything to show them what to do, regardless of how many times she is asked, she never complains!

Thank you Anna!

Hanen Abbessi - Specialist Support Worker - Ashford Resource Centre

Hanen is an amazing asset to the team at ARC. Hanen always delivers 100% to ensure the people we support receive the best service possible.

Thank you from us all Hanen!!

Nichola Owen - Support Worker - Brompton House Supported Living, Gillingham

She has been instrumental in supporting one of our residents to lose over 3 stone in weight, encouraging healthy eating, portion control and exercise.

This has had a huge positive impact on his health, well-being and mobility. Nikki has been consistent in her approach to supporting this individual to remain bubbly, upbeat and motivated.

Thank you Nikki!!

Nichola said ‘This is so lovely, thank you so much for nominating me.... I absolutely love with my job with a passion and will always do whatever it takes to make whoever I'm supporting achieve as much as they possibly can’


Billy Delee - Waking Night Support Worker - River Drive Residential Home, Strood 

Following a recent incident, that occurred with one of our residents at River Drive, Billy showed so much dedication to not only his work, but to other staff members and the residents at River Drive. Billy stayed on after his shift had finished, to provide extra help and support to his colleagues and the individual involved. He was amazing and so very supportive to everyone. He could not have done any more than he did, and he then made a nice cup of coffee for everyone and was so calm throughout.

Thank you Billy for your hard work, and the passion and pride you take in your job!!

Our Team - Beaver Lane Residential Home, Ashford

The staff have been just amazing. They had a new person move into the service. This has come with many challenges, such as the staffing, support and pressure on the team. The whole team have pulled together. Helped to cover residential hours and day service hours for this person, above their contracted hours and overtime already booked. The team made the new person very welcome, while supporting the other individuals with any changes that had to be made to the service and the garden to help him settle in. I am blown away at the level of teamwork in supporting each other when staff needed extra support due to the new challenges they faced. Staff have been inspirational, and we would love to thank them all and tell them how fantastic they all have been.

Laura Toon - Finance Officer

A thank you goes a long way and can really make someone's day and so we would like to thank our Finance officer Laura Toon, along with her colleague Jane at our Head Office, nominated as KAT Hero’s!! On a recent staff phone call with Medway Council, they were greeted with no end of praise for both Jane & Laura, being informed of what amazing members of staff they are, that they are great people to deal with, always friendly, efficient and bright - well done to both of you!!



Nikki Boswell - Manager - River Drive Residential Home

Nikki has gone over and above the call of duty, yet again!! Nikki has recently been supporting and advocating, for one of the people we support. Her passion and determination to do the right thing for the right reasons shines through and she is an absolute credit to KAT. Thank you from us all Nikki, not only for leading your team so well, but also for advocating time and time again for the right things to be done, for the people we support!!


Our Team - River Drive Residential Home and Lock Street Day Centre

Thank you so much for all stepping up and working outside of your normal hours, during some recent challenging times, when some difficulties arose. We really couldn’t have got through this, without all of your input and it really is appreciated by everyone at KAT.

We know this hasn’t been easy, and has required a number of very short notice phone calls and changes to some of your home lives and family commitments, but it is acknowledged that without you we couldn’t of come through the other side, and it really means a lot to see staff teams so dedicated and committed to doing the right thing for the right reasons.


Jodie Ray - Positive Behaviour Support Team Assistant

Jodie recently completed a PBS Practitioners course run by PBS UK, through Medway Council as part of a PBS initiative they are currently running. Jodie worked incredibly hard on this course whilst balancing both her home and work life. The results she has achieved highlight all of her hard work. Feedback from her assessor said: "You have submitted some outstanding work and have achieved an incredible score. You’ve clearly worked so hard throughout the course, everything you’ve produced has been super thorough and you’ve provided so much evidence of stakeholder involvement. This is an amazing achievement Jodie, we’ve marked over 70 portfolios this year and only 2 have scored more than 100 so you should be very proud".

Well done Jodie, you have done so well and all of the team are very proud of you!!


Charlotte Ford and her team - Woodville Day Centre, Canterbury

Nominated for being very supportive and helpful to their colleague Jodie Ray, throughout the duration of a course she has been taking. They completed all of the tasks she asked their assistance with and have given great feedback.

Jodie said ‘I would not have been able to complete my course without all their help, support and quick responses. Many thanks for all your hard work’


Our Team - Brompton House Residential Home, Gillingham

Annie Short, Josh Baxter, Anna Morgan, Natasha and Anita Daniels, have all been nominated as KAT Hero’s for going the extra mile to support one of our poorly residents at Brompton House. A special thanks to Josh and Anita for literally moving into Brompton House for four days straight, and being available 24/7 for the person that was being supporting. These staff have gone over and above to ensure our resident was properly and fully supported.

Their dedication, resolve and commitment during a difficult time was very much appreciated.


Clare Jeffrey - Assistant Manager - Homersham Supported Living, Canterbury

Clare has been nominated because, whilst Homersham were experiencing a really stressful time recently, there was a lot to do and be organised in a very short amount of time.

Clare kept her cool and set about getting everything sorted in the quickest way possible, while communicating what was happening to everyone who needed to know. She did a marvellous job in ensuring that the people we support and staff were happy and safe.

Lynne Dence - Specialist Support Worker - Ashford Resource Centre 

Her colleagues voted her one of the most caring people they have ever met, Lynne is an exceptional staff member who always pays attention to detail and provides the people we support, with the best person-centred service possible.


Nikki Paisley - Specialist Support Worker - Curlew Crescent Residential Home, Strood

Nominated for always going above and beyond the call of duty, without even knowing she has!! Nikki has filled Curlew Crescent with so much laughter throughout this tough year, thank you Nikki.


Dave - Owner of Magic Discs Music Shop, Rainham

Our staff have nominated Dave, as a KAT Hero, after he very kindly opened his shop solely for one of the people we support, to complete his much awaited Christmas shopping, letting him have the shop to himself for as long as he needed to complete this and helping to minimalize any risk. Dave said ‘I was glad to be able to help wherever I could, the resident was a very good customer indeed. Thank you very much Dave!!

Anna Morgan - Shift Leader - Brompton House Supported Living, Gillingham

Colleagues have nominated her as a KAT Hero for always being available when other staff need to ask questions or need support anything. She is easy to talk to and explains everything in a calm, understandable manner. Anna is such a happy person reminding those around her of a butterfly, a brilliant shift leader. 


Hannah Renklidag - Specialist Support Worker - Butlers Park Way Supported Living, Strood

Hannah has been nominated by her colleagues as a KAT Hero, because she has been an absolute star getting information to update about communication passports and nothing has been too much trouble at all. 



Andrew Fowle - Manager - Butlers Park Way Supported Living, Strood & Wayfield Road, Chatham

Andrew has been nominated as a KAT Hero. Andrew always goes the extra mile and is passionate about every single person we support, their goals, needs and outcomes.

Andrew always wants to achieve the best for everyone, the people we support, staff and colleagues and we just wanted to thank him for being outstanding in every possible way.

Thank you Andrew!!

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