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How To Apply....

Once you have found a position you wish to apply for, you need to make sure your application does you justice and provides you with the best possible chance of getting an interview. 

Take your time to complete your application to demonstrating your skills, knowledge, and experience.

To stand the best chance of being shortlisted for an interview you need to demonstrate that you have the have the skills and experience stipulated within the Job Description for the role.


You can do this by completing your application in full providing clear examples and providing as much information to support your application telling us why you are the best fit for this role.

Your Application

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Contact Details:

Ensure you provide your current up to date contact details.  Giving us an old phone number will mean we will not be able to call you! So, make sure you check the information you provide is up to date and current.




Let us know if you drive. For some roles this may be a requirement.



Eligibility & Equal Opportunities:

The Trust wants to meet the aims and commitments set out in our equality policy. This includes not discriminating under the Equality Act 2010 and building an accurate picture of the make-up of the workforce in encouraging equality and diversity.


Declaration of Previous Convictions:

Applicants for all posts are required to disclose any SPENT and UNSPENT criminal convictions, cautions, warnings and reprimands.

All information is treated as confidential and dealt with according to the DBS code of practice.
Applicants for posts within the Kent Autistic Trust are exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. You are required to declare prosecutions or convictions, including those considered "spent" under the Act.



About Me:

This is your opportunity to ‘Tell us why you are suitable for this role’.  Tell us what skills, knowledge and experience you have that match the requirements on the Job Description that will show us why we should offer you an interview.


Upload a CV that is up to date and current.  Giving all your relevant work history and qualifications. This is your space to Shine!




This is where we ask you to provide us with specific information about yourself and your experience. Complete these questions with as much information as possible.  This is what the Manager will look at first, so this is the place to really sell yourself and tell us why we should pick you!


Work Availability:

This is where you can tell us what your work availability is. It is not set in stone and can be changed.  By looking at the advert you will know what the shift pattern will be, for the role you are applying for.  Make sure you can work those hours and more.

How did you get here:

This is where you tell us how you heard about the job.  This will help us to make sure we are advertising in the right place so that we get to reach as many candidates as possible.




Check, Check & Check again!!

Make sure you have completed your application in full and given us as much information as possible.


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