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Our Services

The Kent Autistic Trust have been providing support for individuals on the autism spectrum for over 30 years.

The Trust's support services are personalised and specific to each individual and we aim to ensure that each person gets the right balance of support that they need to be as successful as possible in all areas of their life provide opportunities that encourage people to grow, take risks and learn the skills they need.

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A better life, a better future...

For some people we may provide a couple of hours a week support and for others we provide 24 hour support.

Some people need help during the day with employment, work placements or other vocational support and we offer

this support in the workplace, from their own home or from one of our small local community based resource centres.


We also provide living support from the person's own home, one of our flats rented from a Housing Association, 

single flats in shared accommodation or in a small group home environment. 

Several of our services are now OUTSTANDING with our remaining services rated as GOOD

Our senior management team see it as their mission to work towards 100% of services and to be recognised as outstanding.

The Trust supports people using a personalised approach. We have been working with individuals on the autism spectrum since 1989 and we have learnt that a person centred support service that is flexible and adjustable is essential. 

The combination of this approach together with our wide experience and knowledge of how we can best support people with autism means that we can provide staffed support in a wide range of settings and to support a broad range of need.


Some people want a few hours a week support others may have very complex needs and want round the clock support. Some people will want this support in their own home or workplace and other people may want to live as a tenant in one

of the homes managed by the Trust. We make sure that whatever services we offer we have trained, supportive, consistent and caring staff to provide this personal support.


If you would like to apply for residential, supported living or day services support please contact us here to discuss this further.  For help and advice, please contact Family Support.


We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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