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Our Day / Resource Centres

Our five day opportunity resource centres are based separately from our living services to give a clear indication of a working environment.

Work/Vocational opportunities

We can provide support for people who want to work to find a work placement, and provide support for people who have already found work that they enjoy. This support can include interview skills, job skills and social skills training.

For some people who may find going out to work difficult we have small staffed resource centres that provide vocational opportunities.


Work / skill training is provided to the people we support. People who use our services gain work experience and hold jobs through providing gardening services, conservation work and through outside employers.

Education and Leisure/Therapeutic opportunities

We can provide support for individuals who are at college or university. We also provide on-going training for those who wish to continue their skills training or education from our staffed resource centres. We are registered with ASDAN to provide pre NVQ courses on site. People in our centres also have access to local colleges.


We provide training in a wide variety of subjects

The life skills and therapeutic activities provided by the Trust focuses on independent living-skills, leisure skills, social skill training, drama and role play, reflexology, aromatherapy and yoga. There are also opportunities for expression through the medium of art and music.


What we offer:  

  • PBS team that supports the specialist staff and the person with behaviours of concern.  

  • Safe Therapeutic environment  

  • Specialist staff who understand autistic needs and use intensive interaction methods, PECS communication systems, Makaton etc…  

  • Specialist environments that ensure individualised workstations and personal areas to improve tolerance and address sensory and social overload.  

  • Access to safe shared/individualised transport if appropriate.  

  • community participation/ social tolerance/ improve self-esteem / work experience both in house and outside including the participation in the annual art exhibition / self-regulation support / independence training including food preparation and social eating situations / self-expression support/ further education through ASDAN or FE college/  

  • Food and drinks as part increasing independence skills, tolerance and sensory support and social training support.  

  • Activities and resources such as computer access and communication tools.  

  • Personal care and supporting doctors/dentist appointments and desensitising activities. 

  • Signing and Makaton/PECS and other visual aids to support communication.  

  • Promote social inclusion and wellbeing. 

  • We can facilitate animal therapy, music therapy and art. (this may attract additional costs)  

  • We hold regular coproduction meetings with the people we support so that we take into account their preferences and wishes.  


Every person will have:  

  • Positive behavioural support plan 

  • Community risk assessments  

  • Communication passport and agreed communication method.  

  • Personalised approaches and personalised environments where required.  

  • Sensory assessment with customised action plan.  

  • Ambitious personal plan reviewed every year with the person, the family and local authority.  

Lock Street

Manager:  Joanne Sandison

St John’s Centre, 2-4 Lock Street, Gillingham, Kent, ME5 7AE

21 High Street and The Workshop

Manager:  Vanessa Evans

High Street, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 5AE

Manor House, The Elliot Centre and Clubhouse (all are based at Manor House)

Manager:  Aissame El Bakkali

Bentley Rd, Willesborough, Ashford, Kent, TN24 0HP


Newton Close

Manager:  Emma Laker

Sultan Road, Lordswood, Kent, ME5 8JJ

The Woodville Centre

Manager:  Charlotte Ford

Key House, Woodville Close, Canterbury, CT1 3TX

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