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                           “Having just completed some of the KAT Induction around Autism and PBS,

                            I really would like to highlight how much specialist training staff

                            receive right from the outset. I found it exceptional!”


                            Head of Operation: Quality Compliance and Care,  Jan 2023

​ Staff Training Program:

The Trust offers a continuous staff training program designed to enhance and update the skills necessary to meet our goals. This training aims to provide staff with a deep understanding of Autism and neurodiversity.

We recognise that our staff play a crucial role in connecting the people we support with the broader world. Therefore, it is essential for staff to develop their skills and abilities.

Our comprehensive training includes:

  • Understanding Autism, Neurodiversity and KAT’s Autism Specialist approach

  • Communication techniques and visual aids

  • Sensory processing and integration awareness

  • Teaching skills and goal setting

  • Understanding and supporting distress and behaviours of concern

  • Positive support approaches such as PBS, Active Support, Trauma Informed Practice and use of structure.


Our training framework ensures compliance with CQC requirements regarding induction and ongoing training.

Additionally, the Trust offers training for parents, professionals, and other organisations.

For more information, please contact us:

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