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A beautiful poem written by Amanda Penfold

A beautiful poem written by Amanda Penfold, our Assistant Manager at Beaver Lane Residential Home 😊❤️ Thank you Amanda!!

Cornovirus a word we had never heard suddenly life was going to become one long verse.

At first we watched as around the world the planet we knew telling us this is guna get alot worse.

No-one could have seen this coming the screams from mother nature to us was just like humming.

Life for us all suddenly changed and before we knew it we were stood two meters away. For some people well we've just had to carry on for we are careworkers and we will always get the job done.

No virus will stop us from continuing our roles to care for the people who cant protect their own souls.

Together we will laugh, we will have moments we cry because of course we are worried you can see this in our eyes.

But together we will get through this and continue to shine, keeping safe and staying inside.

The thing is with careworkers we will work to the bone, you will never meet a group of people as determined, who never stand alone.

There is zero that will get in our way and we need no capes as we are heros anyway. ♥️

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