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A heart-warming story from Mencap CEO

A heart-warming story from Mencap, a great story to share.

CEO of Mencap; Edel Harris, shares a positive, heart-warming story from one of their services:

Edel Harris said ‘Our support worker Nicola, quickly realised that the new social distancing measures would mean the people she supports, could no longer go to the shop every day to buy a drink and a snack. A hugely valued part of their routine, which they would struggle to change. So she improvised!! She popped to the shops herself and set up her very own corner shop in the summer house at their residence.

Now the people she supports can buy their drinks and snacks safely at the bottom of the garden, making this challenging time a little easier for them’.

We must all remember, it’s the small acts of kindness like this, that make our communities and carers truly special.

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