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A message from our CEO

The Pandemic hit us in early March and 5 months later…and we are still COVID free,

This wasn’t just down to luck but thanks to hard work, commitment and an unrivaled passion to keep safe and get it right!

Thank you specialist support workers, you have been amazing, thank you to the Assistant Managers, Deputies and Team Leaders, who led the teams with such skill and thank you to all the Registered Managers and Day Service Managers who were tasked to keep the safe bubbles and juggle priorities; you all did an amazing job!!

Thank you waking night staff; you made it safe during the time everyone else took a break. A very special mention to you all.

Thank you, PBS team, you were a significant support to all the staff teams in turning around an unprecedented situation; your expertise was tested and you all made it with honours! Thank you.

A big thank you to all the office-based staff who paved the way to ensure we all got the resources we needed; your hard work didn’t go unnoticed.

An enormous thank you to the PPE heroes and the infection control guru; Dean James and his support, Lavina Cowland.

The HR team translated the mass of guidance in processes that are working wonders for us and the hard work of Donna Newell, Head of HR allowed us to work remotely! Thank you!

Our Head of Care, Joan Hagan, supported by the Regional Managers; Adam Taylor and Tracy Long added to the magic by listening, supporting and challenging and ensured the smooth running and application of all the new guidance. You were real heroes.

The Finance team, led by our Head of Finance, Kim Winfield gave us the confidence that we could manage financially, and their hard work and commitment will ensure a bright future for our amazing Charity.

The Board has shown immense support and passion during the dark days of COVID and gave us all the confidence and hope to keep us all going.

The parents have been great, helpful and passionate and were a significant ingredient in our success.

A message of thanks to our colleagues and fellow providers in the care sector; you have been honourable, supportive and kind.

Thank you to the person who pulled us together as a big family, made us a force to be reckoned with and recorded and shared our achievements with the rest of our community, Serita Boxall! Thank you!

There is yet more to do and we expect that some darker days are ahead; but whatever happens, we will manage and cope because hard work and passion are the ingredients for success.

Thank you,

Christine Edwards-Daem CEO

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