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Amanda Penfold from KAT shares her experience of lockdown....

We recently asked some of our staff to share their experiences of lockdown and how Coronavirus has affected those they support and their services.

Amanda Penfold shares her experience……

Amanda is our Assistant Manager at Beaver Lane residential home in Ashford, Kent, we asked;

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, how do you feel things have changed within your role?

Since Covid-19 my role as Assistant Manager has probably become less about admin work, and has seen me focussing more on supporting the morale of the people we support and staff. Being creative in thinking of new ways to keep residents engaged and taking a lead / active part in getting others involved in fun and outside of the box activities. Also reassuring and listening to others concerns and worries, not just our residents, but staff too, ensuring we have everything we need i.e. PPE, food, activity items etc.

How do you feel lockdown has impacted on the people we support? For the people we support, there have obviously being a lot of changes to deal and adapt to (different activities, unable to go on home visits or go shopping, and having their usual day service from their home), which have of course, caused them at times some anxieties, but overall they have coped tremendously and have adjusted to life as we know it at the moment, remarkably well.

What positives have you taken from these difficult times? The positives have been the new and fun activities staff have come up with for the people we support. Such creativity, crafts, fun days and gardening activities, which has been enjoyed by all, even when things have been really tough. Being able to watch our individuals take the changes in their stride, watching the huge efforts, commitment and care of the staff to ensure the people we support are happy and kept safe, despite their own worries for themselves and their families.

Covid-19 has made our staff team an even stronger unit and they have carried on smiling through-out. And of course getting our lovely chickens has also been a highlight!!

What have been the hardest times for you? Obviously Covid-19 in general has brought with it a lot of changes, stress and worry for everyone, but staff and residents have been amazing and have carried on regardless. For me personally the hardest part has been making tough decisions in terms of my family, moving my son out and myself living at work for a long period, but I see it as a small sacrifice to keep everyone safe.

From what I have seen care workers are by far some of the most SKILLED and resilient people you could meet and I am proud to be a part of our team and so proud to work for KAT. Proud of what the people we support have achieved, especially through times like this!!

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