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Annual Art Exhibition officially opened at Chatham Dockyard

Last Friday, our Annual Art Exhibition was officially opened at Chatham Dockyard! Deputy Lieutenant, Deputy Mayor of Medway, Artists, Cllrs, Family members, staff and visitors, all attended the opening. The last exhibition held was in 2019, when we were blissfully unaware the pandemic would strike the year afterwards.

Christine Edwards Daem; CEO said ‘This exhibition is a story of our journey during the pandemic, when autistic people in our services were faced with lock down, Covid, not being able to leave their homes or see family. This exhibition an occasion to mark the end and the beginning of a new and better period in our lives, it gives us a glimpse of what our artists were thinking, feeling and experiencing. We admire and celebrate our artists’ resilience, their artistic expression of that very challenging period.

Thank you not only to our artists, but our exceptional staff and a special thank you to Tracy Long; Regional Manager Medway, Emma Laker, Mikayla Sykes, Lisa Jones, Serita Boxall and Lavina Cowland. Thank you all for helping making the day possible.

We were grateful that the Deputy Lieutenant joined us and that the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Kirstine Carr, kindly agreed to attend and open the art exhibition formally’.

Artwork is on display at The Numar Room – Chatham Dockyard, ME4 4TZ and open to the public until 21st April.

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