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Autism Threads launch ladies fashion tee at the end of June, donating to KAT.

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Autism Threads are scheduled to launch their new ladies fashion tee at the end of June and £3 per tee sold, will be donated directly to The Kent Autistic Trust and the other chosen charities.

Owner Trish O’Dwyer now living in Tonbridge with her husband and three children said "Our youngest son Henry is Autistic, so a year ago, I set up 'Autism Threads' an online business to raise awareness and support families living life with Autism, and Autism charities. Raising awareness for me is about changing the often woeful public perceptions of autism and about being positive and uplifting, always. This little boy has made us all better people and a better family. We support Autism families not only through our products but through a monthly blog I write on the website and a newsletter you can sign up to. We are committed to donating 10% of profits to The National Autistic Society and soon we will have a ladies fashion tee where £3 per tee sold will go directly to local and smaller Autism charities. 

Autism is not visually recognisable so how will people know? And they are not going to ask are they? I had two children well into primary before Henry’s autism came to be and prior to that I had absolutely no idea what Autism was. So, how do we go about raising awareness, being positive and changing perceptions by helping people to understand? After the daily judgemental looks, stares and comments at both me and my son I decided I needed a visual cue of some sort. I was so tired of having to label my son as autistic before anything else and even worse, I kept apologising for his behaviours. I never ever want to apologise for his behaviours ever again, they are part of his Autism and part of who he is. Thanks to our product range I almost never have to anymore.

We have designed a number of t-shirts and other clothing items and accessories that are usually worn or seen/used in public to help people understand. Our captions are largely on the backs of the t-shirts and some are designed to be specifc to the wearer and Autism to help them and their carer whilst others are totally generic, fun, fashion tees with  our funky logos and designs that anyone can wear to help start those all important conversations".

The Kent Autistic Trust are so grateful for your support, thank you from us all.

To read more about Autism Threads, please visit

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