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East Kent NHS talk about Autism

Joan Hagan - Head of Care (far right end of picture)

Joan Hagan - Head of Care at The Kent Autistic Trust recently did a talk to East Kent NHS about Autism, learning disabilities and accessing the hospitals. With emphasis on some proactive things that they could do to make the experience easier and less stressful for all involved. 

25 People attended the presentation, which had some fantastic feedback.  Feedback comments included;

"brilliant session”, “feel more confident”, “I will share this information with my colleagues”, “being able to have a better understanding of autism and other tools available to us”, “get fidget spinners & stress balls for our sensory box”, “I will put the presentation into our training folder and talk at our ward meeting about the presentation”. “Autistic talk was well informative and case studies helpful”.

If you would like to speak to Joan regarding future talks at your organisation, please contact us on 01634 405168.

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