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Fantastic feedback about our Family Support service by Baili Preddie....

We are always grateful to hear feedback for our services at The Kent Autistic Trust, and we recently received some great comments from Baili Preddie for our Family Support service. Baili said, ‘I would like to thank you so much for your brilliant support in helping me with a few challenges I faced with some documentation and in addition all your advice. Your help, insights and expertise definitely enabled me to complete forms with more confidence and without a meltdown.

I can honestly say that without you, my understanding of who I am and what I have lived through would be limited to the label. I would still have been none the wiser. I, my life now and my struggles make more sense. What you are doing is pretty amazing. My one conversation with Emilymay, for example, has made such a difference to what is loosely bandied around as self-knowledge and self-care. For the very first time, I actually understand what's going on for me and what it is I continually struggle with’.

Our thanks Baili for such wonderful comments. Feedback like this shows just why it is vital that we ensure this free service can continue and this is why we need 400 people to take part in our 250 / 400 challenge and each raise a min of £250, all funds raised will go directly to Family Support!

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