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Matthew White raises over £2,000 for The Kent Autistic Trust

Matthew White from Chatham, ran his first ever London marathon on Sunday 22nd April to raise funds for The Kent Autistic Trust.

Raising a huge £2,367.63 including Gift Aid, a big thank you from us all at The Kent Autistic Trust!!

Matthew wanted to raise funds for the Trust as he knows many families and friends whose lives have been changed by autism, and can see how their lives are impacted by the condition on a daily basis.

Matthew said ‘every part of life, from the mundane to the extreme, can be a struggle for people living with autism and without the support and hard work from The Kent Autistic Trust, people with autism and their families/carers would have no-where to turn for the valued advice, life enhancing opportunities and outstanding respite care.  For my first ever long distance run I cannot be too disappointed with my time of 4hrs 40 mins and 49 seconds’.

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