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Our CEO attends reception at the House of Parliament to celebrate 10 years of the Autism Act

The Kent Autistic Trust's CEO Christine Edwards - Daem was delighted to be invited to attend a reception at the Houses of Parliament yesterday to celebrate 10 years of the Autism Act.

An inaugural reception was held by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism (APPGA) to mark the 10th anniversary of the Autism Act, which took place at the Terrace Pavilion, the Palace of Westminster, at the Houses of Parliament.

Members of the House of Lords and the House of Commons (MPs) set up the group to talk about issues that affect autistic people and their families.  (APPGA)

The reception brought together politicians, professionals, families and people on the Autistic Spectrum to celebrate The Autism Act and what it has achieved for people on the autistic spectrum, it also highlighted what needs to improve because we know that autistic people still miss out on the right support.

Christine Edwards-Daem, CEO said 'It was a great experience attending the Houses of Parliament celebrating 10 years of the Autism Act!! The Autism Strategy will now follow, which will ensure local authorities have a statutory duty to support children, young people and adults on the spectrum.

I met the newly appointed Minister for Social Care, Helen Whately MP and the CEO of the National Autistic Society, Caroline Stevens. Helen Whately MP spoke about cutting waiting times for diagnosis and getting the right support for living a good life, and says she is going to bring change!!. I attended as the CEO of The Kent Autistic Trust and as a Director of the Autism Alliance. I was delighted to be invited and it was a pleasure to attend'.

Helen Whately - Member of Parliament talking about the Autism Act

Christine Edwards-Daem - CEO of The Kent Autistic Trust

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