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Quality Support

We take great pride in providing a specialist person centred service to people with Autism. We invest in all of our frontline staff to ensure they are trained  to be specialists in their field. Understanding every individual is vital, and this takes both time and a great deal of patience and commitment.

Supporting people who are complex is challenging both  for those we support, families and also staff. As well as providing residential and supported living homes, we also provide day, respite and outreach services.  Those services can be some of the most challenging areas to work in because we may only support an individual for a short period in the week.

We were delighted to recently receive feedback from a behaviour professional involved in the on going assessment of one of our day clients about the quality of support we were providing, which had helped the professional understand more about the functions of  behaviour of that client and the positive behaviour strategies that we use that clearly improve his quality of  life experiences.

A great accolade that reflects not only the capability of our front line specialists, but also the quality of our internal PBS team who train and mentor staff, together with line managers and staff colleagues.  We don't just advertise jobs, we invest in people and develop rewarding careers.

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