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We can all benefit from a little extra help from time to time with South East Water

Emilymay Miles, our Autism Information Officer, spoke to South East Water this week about their changes in a Priority Services Register, for those who need their support most during a water supply emergency, this scheme will be joining with other services such as electricity providers. The aim is to put people on the list that are deemed as vulnerable and so if there is a crisis (snow, burst mains etc) they are able to provide that family or individual with the equipment they need.

Emilymay Miles said ‘It was also advised when speaking to the water company, that it would be best to talk to the customer care team as they have a better understanding of the help they can provide and about disabilities.

They also offer some help with debt too, as they are very aware that some people at times are unable to pay bills due to their circumstances and may need additional support.

All water companies offer similar schemes, but may have different scheme names, so it is always worth contacting your water supplier to discuss’.

Here are some helpful links:

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