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A Story Straight from the Heart

Isaac has worked for the Kent Autistic Trust for 3 years as a Specialist Support Worker in one of our Day Resources Centres. During his time with us he has supported many autistic people all with their own unique needs.

We asked Isaac to tell us what it’s like being a support worker at KAT. Here’s what he said:

'There is one person I have taken care of who has come such a long way since he came to KAT. He has become a volunteer at Kent Life and Howletts where he supports animals. He is also doing an Asdan volunteering qualification based on his role in animal care. During the time I have worked with him I have been privileged to see him develop as a person and gain confidence in social situations. He now regularly attends the gym and snooker too. He has also developed new life skills, some of these tasks are ones that many of us take for granted, such as making his own lunch and having his own independence in choosing what he eats.

I feel that KAT are a supportive employer, and I find management approachable and are always happy to answer any queries I have. In this role, you do experience challenging behaviour because the people we support have complex needs. I have learnt a lot from my work, and the positive behaviour support team are great as they work with us to adapt support plans around the individual needs, and listen to the views of support staff who provide the frontline care and support. I enjoy working here. It’s rewarding work and I get a lot of job satisfaction'.

Thank you Isaac for your kind words, and more importantly, for the amazing work you do!

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