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Cally is kindly raising funds for KAT, please support her!!

Cally is kindly raising funds for The Kent Autistic Trust, please do support her as much as you can. From 26th March she has signed up to WE WALK FOR AUTISM 10k a day, for 8 days, doing a double sponsor, raising funds for KAT and We Walk for Autism.

Cally said ‘To some this may be easy, but for me this will be a struggle, as I find it hard some days to get 5k a day!! I have been prepping myself for the 8-day challenge and trying to up my steps. I wanted to do something to challenge myself to not only lose some weight, but also, because this is something that means a lot to me as my son is autistic and I work with autistic adults at KAT. This past year, the people I support at KAT, have adapted amazingly well with all the sudden lockdown changes, they have been so patient and calm and I just want to raise some money, so we can treat them to something extra special.

You can donate to her JustGiving page by clicking here:

Thank you for your support!!

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