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Congratulations to all nominated and winners of our January amazing people awards....

We congratulate all those nominated for our amazing people awards. Nominations for staff and the people we support for ‘random acts of kindness’. Celebrating our January winners, thank you for all your continued hard work and commitment to KAT, well done all!

Abhishek Madaan – 21, Andrew Moon - Lock Street, Helen Walker - Head Office, Kim Winfield – Head Office, Donna and the HR team, Butlers Park Way Team, Lisa Falconer – 21, Lock Street Team and Jo Sandison, Krista Page – Ashford Resource Centre, Casuals team (Ann, Hayley, Jasmine , Ellie , Dominique, Louise .D), Mabel McCauley - The Close, Katie Wrigley – Homersham, River Drive Team, Newton Close Team and Mikaylla Sykes, Amy chambers – Curlew, Dawn Armstrong - Brompton House, Lou Trueman - Jemmett Road and Curtis Beal - Beaver Lane.

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