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Congratulations to Christine Edwards-Daem and Kim Spillett

Congratulations to Christine Edwards-Daem - 30 years long service. Christine has worked for the Trust across many roles over the last 30 years, beginning her journey as a Senior casual support worker, moving into the establishment as a Registered Manager, then Operational Manager for Medway; and then into her current role as CEO of the Trust since 2014. Christine is a strong advocate for those with Autism and those working for the Trust. The dedication, passion, and commitment to the welfare of employees and the people we support is always evident in the way she leads and speaks about the Trust. We wish to thank Christine for her dedication.

Congratulations to Kim Spillett - 15 years long service. Kim started within the trust in 2008. Working as a team leader at Wayfield Road, Kim supports her manager, and leads her team whilst aways upholding the values of the trust. Always supporting the PWS and colleagues. She has had such a positive impact upon the people we support and establishment. Congratulations Kim on 15 years with the trust. We wish to thank you for your dedication, passion, and perseverance.

Congratulations from us all at KAT.

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