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Good luck Dovetail!! Braving Mount Snowdon to support our cause....

On Saturday, 29th June 2019, 10 brave souls from Dovetail Games in Chatham Dockyard are travelling to Wales to climb Mount Snowdon to raise funds for their 2 chosen charities of the year, of which The Kent Autistic Trust are one of those chosen charities. So far they have raised an astonishing £889!!

Meet The Snowdon Dovetrailers!!!

Jordan, Martyn, Jake, Tom, Peter, Alison, Dani, Lucie, Fiona and Dave (the designated medic) They will all follow the Llanberis path to the Summit totaling 9 miles and a tough 6 hour trek! 

Fiona at Dovetail said 'I don't think a walk of this magnitude can ever be taken for granted, even in the summer months, the weather can change in an instance!  We are all training hard and will be carrying all the correct equipment for the climb'.

They need your support!! If you wish to donate to their challenge, please visit the link below and be sure to leave them a personal message on your donation!

Good luck to you all at Dovetail, thanks for your continued support!!

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