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Happy Retirement to Lily O Brien!!

Happy Retirement to Lily O Brien. Lily has worked for KAT for over 10 years. She has worked in various establishments during her time with us. She officially retired from River Drive residential home in Strood on the 2nd August. However, she can't stay away! She is continuing to work for us as a casual!!

Nikki Boswell, Registered Home Manager at River Drive said ‘The staff team at River Drive clubbed together to buy Lily a few gifts to remember us by (even though we are not letting her go anywhere!).

We had a glass clock engraved, a mug (which was a funny gift), flowers and chocolate cake, which is Lily's favourite! We arranged a small leaving lunch for Lily.

She also received a special dining out voucher from Head Office as a token of their appreciation for her service and retirement.

Lily, we would say we will miss you, but we have already booked you in for some shifts!!’.

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