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HELPING HAND….McDonald’s to give NHS, council and emergency service staff free drinks to say thanks

MCDONALD'S is giving all emergency service staff and social care workers free drinks to stay thanks for their tireless work during the coronavirus epidemic. The fast food chain wants to thank, reward and support staff with free drinks in restaurants and Drive Thrus if they show their work pass.

A spokesperson said: "We want to use our UK and Ireland footprint to thank, reward and support the health and care workers doing an incredible job in difficult and unprecedented times. "This offer is a token of our appreciation for the tireless work that these professionals are carrying out in the communities in which we operate."

"From today we are offering free drinks for those workers in our restaurants and Drive Thrus, on sight of their work pass."

The offer is for NHS, council and emergency service staff. They can get any drink including cold drinks and McCafe hot drinks. A spokesperson said that the offer would be continually reviewed and will offer it as long as government guidance enables branches to stay open.


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