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May the Force be with you

Today, 4th May, which has wildly become known as 'May the Force day'. We knew this was the ideal day for one of our supported living residents Carlton, to get dressed up in one of his many costumes!!

With various different interests, and a great deal of knowledge on a huge number of subjects, which include Dr who, Animal Welfare, Harry Potter and of course Star Wars, Carlton has attended many events and these are always a great reason to get dressed up in one of the costumes from his huge collection!!

Carton said 'I first joined KAT in March 2014 at Ashford Day service. When I first arrived I was a bit nervous about making friends and learning to do things by myself. I found the staff helpful and kind which made me feel at ease. Whilst at day service I learnt new skills like cooking, using a washing machine and ironing my own clothing.

So these skills made me more independent so I could live in my own flat, which I moved into in July 2017. I was given the opportunity to pick items for my flat such as the colour of my tiles and all the furniture. The only things they could not accommodate was a balcony and a Tardis front door. But I am still working on these and still no luck!

The staff are very helpful and I keep trying to con the staff to do my house work, but no luck yet'.

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