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One of our first visits from the local Phlebotomy Team!

One of our first visits from the local Phlebotomy Team, who recently came to our head office and spent some time with some of the people we support! The purpose of the visit was to help support those with anxieties around blood tests, enable them to ask questions, connect with equipment / resources and get to know the team.

The team were amazing and interacted amazingly with all those who attended. The visits will be on a monthly basis and all about working to build relationships, trust and help towards those in our care being more comfortable with blood tests.

The Phlebotomy Team are really working hard to ensure they provide the correct environment for each individual. Before a blood test appointment, they will send a form out asking for each individual's particular needs and how to support them.

The environment will be set out before each appointment and will be specific to each individual. The entrance to the room will be clear and will only consist of an administration assistant and two nurses from the team who will be performing the blood test.

They are also putting together an area in their Elliott Ward for individuals with learning difficulties, disabilities and children. They are working hard to make sure the new clinic is perfect for them and aiming to support more people who struggle with blood tests. Our thanks to the Team for being so amazing!

We are looking forward to the next visit.

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