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Our Beaver Lane Residential Home in Ashford are raising funds!!

Our Beaver Lane Residential Home in Ashford are raising funds towards some sensory equipment and a garden makeover and need your support.

To raise funds Casey Jell, Residential Home Manager and Amanda Penfold, Assistant Manager will be taking on the challenge of dip dyeing their hair, different bright, vibrant colours on Monday, 11th May, 2020.

If we can raise £1,000 our Head of Care, Joan Hagan has agreed to also take part in the challenge, and so far we have raised £85, thank you so much to all who have donated so far ❤️

Casey said ‘We are all currently going through tough times, but despite the uncertainty and the challenges that the staff at KAT are working under, they continue to shine. They remain positive and upbeat, putting the people we support first, ensuring they are happy, safe, and have the support they need. The staff are going above and beyond every day, finding creative ways to bring fun and keep moral high’.

We are welcoming colour suggestions!! But they must be very bright! Keeping shining and making a difference.

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