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Our thanks to Autism Threads for raising much needed funds for KAT

Our heartfelt thanks to Autism Threads who donated £25.80 earlier this month!! They will be making donations to The Kent Autistic Trust twice a year Autism Threads was launched by Trish O’Dwyer, who has an autistic son and saw a need to change perceptions of the condition. Her logo and slogan T-shirts are designed to support the wearer, their carers, and prompt conversations.

Founder Trish O’Dwyer said ‘I am thrilled to have made my first ever donation, to not only 1, but 6 different autism charities this month. It feels so good, to do good, especially now. You can view products by Autism Threads, by visiting their website:

Thank you for your support, especially during this difficult times, from us all at the Trust!!

Our thanks also to Kellie Barker at Born Anxious for their continued support and monthly donations to us, we are so grateful @bornanxious

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