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Recent virtual visit to Perrys Close from MP Helen Whately..

We recently had a virtual visit from MP Helen Whately to one of our services in Faversham - Perry's Close Residential Home.

Our CEO Christine Edwards-Daem, said it was great to speak to our MP, the Minister of Care, Helen Whatley on Friday, with Perry's Close Registered Manager, Gordon Holland, discussing what worked and hasn't worked during the Covid-19 challenge.

Helen congratulated KAT on remaining Covid free and was very interested in the fact that we have been able to have our day services open for keyworkers and the most vulnerable. We explained that, we have managed to support some people fully depending on their ability to keep 2 metres and use face masks. Other people we have been able to support virtually or have provided outreach for them.

Thank you for listening Helen!!

As a CEO Christine knows each and every one of the people we support, she knows their name, how their Autism affects them, what they like, dislike, there are not many CEO’s that would know this information, and it is because she cares so greatly.Christine is a very passionate CEO and is an inspiration to all of the staff at KAT.

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