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Sadie Watts is kindly raising funds for us, please support her!!

Sadie Watts is kindly raising funds for The Kent Autistic Trust through her love of singing.

Sadie said ‘Since lock down started, I decided to start singing, purely because I love it. People started giving me great comments, so I made a Facebook page called Sounds of Sades and sometimes even do live singing and song requests in the evening. Through doing this my confidence has suddenly gone from zero, right though the sky !!’ My partner has Asperger's and two of my children are awaiting diagnosis, so I decided that through my singing, I would try to raise some funds for this amazing cause.

I would very much like it if people could support this worthwhile cause, even if it’s just 50p, every little helps!! Their Family Support service has to raise £117,000 each year, to enable them to keep providing this vital free service and this is raised solely through grants and donations.

These are pretty tough times for them, so when you’re sitting there watching me on my page singing and entertaining you all, please, please, please, think about just giving a little for this special cause. I would be very grateful’

If you would like to donate, please click here:

You can also like and visit Sadie’s Facebook page at:

What an amazing lady, I’m sure you will all agree!! Thank you Sadie!! Sounds of sades

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