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Scavenger Hunt....the perfect activity for a sunny day

Staff and residents have been keeping occupied with a wide variety of activities at 2 of our supported living services; Butlers Park Way and Wayfield Road in Medway.

Andrew Fowle, Manager of the two services, said ‘we decided to do a scavenger hunt last week, this was just one of many activities, where staff came up with the idea, and then worked together as a team, on what changes they could make, so that the activity suited all of the individuals we support and captivated their own personal interests.

For some of the people we support, this activity occupied a full day for walking, looking and ticking their checklist and for others is was about how quickly they could complete the challenge. Either way they all enjoyed themselves and had so much fun, whilst at the same time, keeping safe and active in the current climate’.

What a fantastic activity idea!!

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