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Thank you Mortley Landscape Services Ltd....

So lovely to see a good deed done! Our garden at Wayfield Road Supported Living, was in much need of work finishing and a revamp. Emma Piper, Specialist Support Worker said ‘my husband and friend’s son who has his own landscape business kindly said they will come and fix the garden!!! And what a fabulous job they did, we are so grateful!

Wayfield Road has undergone such a transformation and it’s all thanks to Mortley Landscape Services Ltd who kindly donated their time and skills, after our garden was left unfinished!!!

This will make such a huge difference. Staff and the people we support are so very grateful to Kcee and his team for making such a massive difference to the garden. We cannot wait to start using the garden during the summer months and one of the people we support is looking forward to being able to start mowing our new perfect lawn.

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