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The Autism Alliance produce guide, so autistic people and their carers know their rights!!

The Autism Alliance have produced a guide so autistic people and their carers know their rights under the various laws and best practise including the Autism Act 2009 and Care Act 2014 – the duty to promote well-being and The Equality Act 2010 – the duty to make reasonable adjustments. (just to name a few…).

Attached is a guide to support all health and social care professionals whilst carrying out a care needs assessment, this is compliant with all of the above legislation. This guide provides an overview of key elements to consider whilst undertaking a care needs assessment for autistic people/ND and references the law under the Autism Act 2009, the Care Act 2014 statutory guidance, Chapter 6: Assessment and Eligibility as well as other relevant legislation.

In order to carry out a care needs assessment, as set out in Regulation 5 of the Care and Support (Assessment) Regulations 2014 which requires a local authority to ensure that a person carrying out an assessment has the skills, knowledge and competence to carry out the assessment in question and is appropriately trained. Local Authorities must therefore ensure that assessors carrying out assessments of people with autism have the skills, knowledge, competence and training to carry out such assessments.

To help the adult with needs for care and support, or the carer, prepare for the assessment the local authority should provide in advance, and in an accessible format, the list of questions to be covered in the assessment. This will help the individual or carer prepare for their assessment. During the assessment the guidance will point out areas that have been missed and highlight gaps in the knowledge of the assessor.

Please, use this and share it wide!

Click on the links below:

Assessment checklist laptop: Can be downloaded on laptop and then used during the assessment/review.(it is the tick list and guidance in 1)

Assessment checklist guidance: a guidance to the assessment checklist ticks.

Assessment Checklist ticks: easy print out so that parents/care manager can follow the checklist.

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