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The Tizard Centre, launch the first virtual reality channel for / with autistic people..

A group of academics and researchers based at the Tizard Centre, University of Kent, are excited about launching the first virtual reality channel for/with autistic people.

The launch of the channel will be completed in two separate events. The first event which will take place on 9th June at 8:00-9:30pm and is addressed to everybody who wants to become familiar with the platform and get informed about how they can make the most of it (use/affordances/technicalities).

The Channel Community will have a chance to get to know the core members of the channel, followed by a presentation of the affordances of the specific Virtual Reality Platform for autistic people and autism community.

This is a great opportunity to familiarise yourselves with the AUTISM Core Committee members and brainstorm them with topics, workshops, any other types of activity that would be interesting to you and what you would expect them to cover. The date and time of the second event will be announced later.

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