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We would like to thank Born Anxious, Katie Clark and all of our wonderful facemask making volunteers

We would just like to thank all the wonderful volunteers who have all come together to finish the last leg of our project, making the 1,000 masks for our services. This was kindly kicked off very nicely by Katie Clark, who did an amazing job making our first batches and in addition has also made us some draw string bags, we have now grown an army of volunteers, too many to name in person. But thank you to you all!!

Our extended thanks to Kellie Barker of Born Anxious, who has been such a support in her regular donations to The Kent Autistic Trust and is now taking the lead in co-ordinating the remainder of the face mask making challenge. Kellie has purchased some more fun material for the final leg of the mission, material such as Disney Pixar and superhero comic strip. Kellie also very generously offered to fund this project from day one.

We have been specific about the types and patterns of fabric we needed, and some of these could be seen as unconventional, however, our aim is to have 2 available for everyone, which means we needed to look at the specific interests of the people we support and find fabric that represented that. We will have some very unique designs.

Kellie is also the Founder of clothing label Born Anxious, which is aimed at helping autistic children and adults. Their clothing ranges come with messages printed on the clothing such as: “BEE KIND”, “I’M ANXIOUS”, “MY MUM’S WINGING IT”, “I DON’T LIKE LOUD NOISE”. You can view their products at

Thank you so much to Katie Clark, Kellie Barker and all of our wonderful volunteers, from everyone at KAT, this is a mammoth task you have undertaken, and we really do appreciate it!!

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