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What a lovely message from Sarah Neal, a lady who attends one of our support groups....

It’s always good to receive feedback to show how appreciated our Family Support service is by all those they support in Kent and Medway. Sarah, a lady who attends one of our support groups, gave us the following lovely message ‘My son Charlie and our whole family have survived lockdown and have coped with the on-going challenges we were faced with. We are all well and in a way it has been a fairly positive experience as I’ve been able to work from home and have had time to watch, understand and support Charlie. We’ve had time to talk through issues and situations as they arise, rather than pass rapidly through, as often happened pre lockdown, due to so many pressures and life in general!!

KAT’s Family Support service have provided so much helpful information, and their support throughout it all, has been amazing and inspirational. May I take this time to say a very big thank you!! Sarah, Charlie and family’

Thank you for such lovely words Sarah, our Family Support service really appreciate your feedback.

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