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Join our weekly lottery for your chance to win £25,000!!

The Kent Autistic Trust have finally launched our weekly lottery, giving you the chance to win £25,000 for as little as £1 per week!!

How will you make a difference by playing the Lottery?

The weekly lottery will help support us in funding our family support service who reach out to some 5,000 people on the spectrum and their families every year. We are enhancing this role and provide more advocacy and human rights campaigns. In order to keep answering the phones and be a lifeline to families and the autistic community we need more than £110,000 just to survive every year.

Our services are in high demand but to be able to deliver the personalised and specialist environments and buildings, we need capital funding. So, we need support to achieve the buildings and infrastructure to meet the needs of the next generation. We want to continue to provide effective and outstanding services in the future and you can help us to achieve that. The funds will enable us to enhance and improve other resources and activities we provide in addition to the service.

To join our weekly lottery for your chance to win £25,000!! Please visit or click on the image below.

You can also find further information and FAQ’s on our website:

Prize draw every Saturday, with a chance to win £25,000, £1,000 and £25 each week!!

We hope you can join us!!

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