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KAT raises support worker pay rates....

We are pleased to advise our new pay rates from 01/04/2024. Our specialist and support workers in residential and supported living will be paid £12 per hour and in Day will receive £11.44 per hour.

This means that on average our starting salary for a support worker is now £24,720 per year (based on a 35-hour week and including one sleep in per week at £60 per night). Just working an additional 6 hours per week, i.e., 41 hours, will allow you to earn £28,460 per year (including rolled up holiday allowance). Indeed, our Support Workers can earn significantly higher salaries by picking up overtime, with many of our experienced workers earning more than £30,000 per year.

Our new rate for casual support workers is £13ph and night support workers is £14ph, including an element of rolled up holiday pay.

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