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Poetry together is making a splash!!

Poetry together is making a splash!! Bringing together young and old to connect over the joy of performing poetry. It’s now been a few weeks since Poetry Together launched and they have already seen some fantastic performances, recitals, and self-penned poems. Even Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall shared a poetry reading in support of Poetry Together 2020!!

They will be monitoring #PoetryTogether2020 to pick some of the best performances to win an invitation to a very special poetry party next year!!

To win, simply:

1. Register, it's free! 2. Partner up with a school or care home 3. Choose a poem to recite 4. Record your recital, either separately or via video call 5. Share it on social media with #PoetryTogether2020

All participating schools and care homes will also receive an official Poetry Together certificate.

To register it is completely FREE, just visit:

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